• Conditions

    All B2B discounts are automated

    Checkout to see a discount

    Discounts are not applied to Outlet and Glass Elements category

    Discounts can not be combined with other discounts or special offers

    Orders over 1000 EUR are automatically marked as B2B order

    All B2B orders are not eligible for the free shipping from 150 EUR

  • Discounts

    10% from 1000 EUR

    25% from 1500 EUR

    30% from 4000 EUR

    35% from 8000 EUR

    If the order is below these values you are not eligible for a discount. In that case, to save money please check item package variations. Packs of 250g or 300 pieces are available for many of them

  • Good to Know

    We do not offer any extra special B2B discounts

    B2B order processing usually takes 1-2 weeks

    You receive the shipping invoice after the order will be prepared

    Contact us to get the estimate shipping rate before order

    All orders are shipped worldwide via express post service like UPS, DHL, FedEx etc.

    Delivery time is about 5 business days

    We do ship to all countries

    We do not fictitiously reduce the cost of an order to get you a lower import tax rate