• We have to know from you

    • Code of the bead shape and color (coating). If not available, send us photo with the all side sizes

    • QTY, how much is needed. For manufacturing technological limits are applied. In many cases 5kg per shape is the minimum, and for the coating 3kg. For example, 6kg of teardrops can be manufactured as the base and then coated in two colors which means 2 items in total. For some shapes 2kg is the minimum

    • Draft if the mold production needed

    • Design in vector for engraving

    • Delivery type (express or basic), delivery address
  • You have to know from us

    • Manufacturing time for the pressed beads usually takes 5 - 6 weeks if the glass and coatings are in stock

    • The price is 20-30% lower than for the items available in our shop

    • Before manufacturing starts we have to check the glass color or/and coatings availability, mold availability

    • All common shape molds are usually available

    • We can produce the mold if it is not available (about a week)

    • We offer custom beads engraving

    • We offer custom lampwork designs

    • Manufacturing time for table cut beads is 3-5 months

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